“I have a family history of atherosclerosis. I lost my right leg above the knee five years ago. The pain in my left leg was no longer manageable so I was on my way to the amputation table. My podiatrist said, “Wait a minute, before you do that, are you willing to look at something different?” I said, “I’ll look at anything to save a leg.” She left the room and came back with a post-it note that had Dr. Khatib’s name and office address on it. She said, “Go there now, they are waiting on you.” As soon as I arrived, I had a sonogram. I went in later for the surgery and Dr. Khatib saved my leg. It doesn’t get any better than that. The FCCI team was magnificent. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

– William Cassels

“My first initial appointment with Dr. Khatib and the staff was so very honest and relatable. He talked to me like I was a person, not like someone revolving out of his door. The procedures I went through had been attempted five prior times by another reputable cardiovascular organization and they didn’t have any success. I’ve been diabetic for the past 35 years, so I knew that it was a probable chance that if I couldn’t get my arteries working, I would be a double amputee. Dr. Khatib and the staff were wonderful and made me feel comfortable and confident in what they could do to help me. Dr. Khatib performed three procedures. I felt blood going through the lower extremities of my legs that I hadn’t felt in over a year. I could not believe that my legs automatically started feeling again and I could just walk to the second level of my home. I had these procedures with no complications. I can’t wait to start jogging and hopefully do a marathon again.”

– Teresa Boyd

“I’ve never had any major medical issues in my entire life. I began to have problems with my leg and couldn’t walk very long distances without pain. My primary care physician recommended I go to Dr. Khatib. He checked it out and found that I had clogged arteries in my left and right leg. I had stents put in my left leg and an angioplasty in my right leg. Since that time, I’ve been walking fine. My progress is doing great. The staff is very good. They always try to work around my schedule. He’s a very caring physician. At the time I was smoking. We had some conversations about that. He wasn’t judgmental. He explained to me it was in my best interest to stop smoking and I’ve been without cigarettes for a year now thanks to Dr. Khatib.”

-Michael Starks

“Two doctors said I was going to lose my leg. I didn’t have blood going into either leg and I couldn’t walk. My foot was black and purple and my toes were split open. It was so painful. I was in California at the time and I had been going to this doctor for three years. He finally told me, “No more.” He said he was going to cut off my leg next time. My sister told me to come down from California to Florida to see a foot doctor. The foot doctor told me I was going to lose my leg, and the only person he knew that could save it was Dr. Khatib.

After several procedures, Dr. Khatib saved both of my legs. He really stuck with me until he got my legs up and working again. His staff and employees are so wonderful and they treated me like a loved one.

I still cry when I think about how awful my legs and feet were until Dr. Khatib fixed them. Now I feel great. Dr. Khatib and his staff have kept on top of everything and have made my whole life wonderful. This is the longest I have been without a procedure and my legs are fine. I have no problem walking around; it is like a whole new world. When I look at my legs I thank god for Dr. Khatib and his staff, because of them I can walk again.”

-Doreen Untinen

Earlier this year, I had an unfortunate cardiac health scare that required Dr. Khatib’s intervention and treatment, and I ended it up with two stents one in my LAD and the second one in my RCA, one month apart.  I feel truly blessed for him being the cardiovascular specialist who treated me and operated on my heart.  He gave me a new chance at a healthier life and for that I am forever grateful.   He takes his time going over your case, the procedure, and the recommendations and precautions to follow after the procedure.  His bed side manners are impeccable, not only with his patients, but with his staff as well. 

Dr. Khatib’s entire staff follows in his footsteps, highly knowledgeable and skilled true professionals treating patients with respect and sincere care.  You are made to feel at ease from the moment you arrive at the desk to sign in.  The Cath lab staff is extremely attentive to patients’ feelings and needs which make for a less strenuous and more pleasurable experience.

I cannot thank Dr. Khatib enough for giving me a new chance at a healthier life and I wish him continued success.

George Haddad

I have been seeing the wound care team at FCCI for a long time now because I was having problems with my legs. I have had three toes amputated. Because of Dr. Khatib and the wound care team, the rest of my foot and legs were saved.

I have osteomyelitis and I had it in my bones so there were many procedures like a graph for dialysis and a fistula that had to be done. Dr. Khatib guided me through every process.

I have seen plenty of doctors at FCCI and I like all of them. I have seen Dr. Swain and Dr. Lamba and I like everything about them. The staff is great too. I enjoy seeing Dee and all the women at the front desk. Jason is one of my favorites too.

After multiple procedures with Dr. Khatib I am feeling much better. I can move around and finally get the things I need to get done, done.

-Pamela Hayes, patient of Drs. Khatib, Lamba & Swain

I have had many procedures in the past to try and open up the blood flow in my leg, but I continued to get blockages. My surgeon told me that they were going to have to take my leg.

I told my doctor, ‘I don’t understand any of this.’ Then I asked, ‘What would you do if you were in my situation?’ He told me he knows a very good physician in Jacksonville who has been known to perform miracles.

I first met Dr. Khatib in Palatka. There I met the friendly staff and Reagan took scans of my legs.

The procedure took place in Jacksonville. The nurse who saw me beforehand said, ‘You know Duke, you are this close to losing your leg, but you are in the right place. Dr. Khatib will do everything he can to save your leg. He does not give up.’ I felt reassured. I was already impressed with him. He was very nice and articulate.

After spending just a few hours in recovery I went home feeling much better. At my last check up, Dr. Khatib assured me there were no more blockages.

I am more than thrilled with him. I have taken many of his cards and given them to people I know and my doctors. My primary care doctor could not believe all that Dr. Khatib did for me. He performed another miracle.

-Duke Stanton, Patient of Dr. Khatib