Duke Stanton | Testimonial

“I have had many procedures in the past to try and open up the blood flow in my leg, but I continued to get blockages. My surgeon told me that they were going to have to take my leg.

I told my doctor, ‘I don’t understand any of this.’ Then I asked, ‘What would you do if you were in my situation?’ He told me he knows a very good physician in Jacksonville who has been known to perform miracles.

I first met Dr. Khatib in Palatka. There I met the friendly staff and Reagan took scans of my legs.

The procedure took place in Jacksonville. The nurse who saw me beforehand said, ‘You know Duke, you are this close to losing your leg, but you are in the right place. Dr. Khatib will do everything he can to save your leg. He does not give up.’ I felt reassured. I was already impressed with him. He was very nice and articulate.

After spending just a few hours in recovery I went home feeling much better. At my last check up, Dr. Khatib assured me there were no more blockages.

I am more than thrilled with him. I have taken many of his cards and given them to people I know and my doctors. My primary care doctor could not believe all that Dr. Khatib did for me. He performed another miracle.”