Amputation is NOT Your Only Choice

The Amputation Prevention Center at First Coast Cardiovascular Institute (FCCI)

True or false, if you have the following, then amputation is your only option:

  • A non- healing wound on your feet or legs
  • Chronic kidney failure
  • Poor circulation in your legs and have given up hope trying to improve it
  • Diabetes

All answers are false. Amputation is NOT your only option.

At FCCI, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in preventing unnecessary amputations. Patients come from across the country to seek out FCCI for our endovascular services. Read our patients’ stories and how the Amputation Prevention Center at FCCI was able to change their lives.

“Two doctors said I was going to lose my leg. I didn’t have blood going into either leg and I couldn’t walk. I was in California at the time and my doctor said he was going to cut off my leg. My sister told me to come down from California to Florida to see a foot doctor. The foot doctor told me I was going to lose my leg, and the only person he knew that could save it was Dr. Khatib.

After several procedures, Dr. Khatib saved both of my legs. I still cry when I think about how awful my legs and feet were until Dr. Khatib fixed them. Now I feel great. Dr. Khatib and his staff have kept on top of everything and have made my whole life wonderful. I have no problem walking around; it is like a whole new world. When I look at my legs I thank god for Dr. Khatib and his staff, because of them I can walk again.”

-Doreen Untinen

I have been seeing the wound care team at FCCI for a long time now because I was having problems with my legs. I have had three toes amputated. Because of Dr. Khatib and the wound care team, the rest of my foot and legs were saved.

I have osteomyelitis and I had it in my bones so there were many procedures like a graph for dialysis and a fistula that had to be done. Dr. Khatib guided me through every process.

I have seen plenty of doctors at FCCI and I like all of them. I have seen Dr. Swain and Dr. Lamba and I like everything about them. The staff is great too. I enjoy seeing Dee and all the women at the front desk. Jason is one of my favorites too.

After multiple procedures with Dr. Khatib I am feeling much better. I can move around and finally get the things I need to get done, done.

-Pamela Hayes, patient of Drs. Khatib, Lamba & Swain