We have been saving legs for over a decade, with every intention of continuing until unnecessary amputations are eliminated.

Why choose the Amputation Prevention Center at First Coast Cardiovascular Institute?

Our amputation prevention center is the first of its kind and patients come from across the country to seek out FCCI for our endovascular services. Endovascular medicine is a relatively new branch of medicine, treating problems affecting the blood vessel. FCCI is a pioneer in endovascular medicine and has paved the way for amputation prevention in.

With the endovascular approach, our physicians:

  • Avoid open surgeries
  • Prevent amputations in an outpatient setting
  • Produce only a small incision in the wrist or groin.

The amputation prevention center at First Coast Cardiovascular Institute offers:

  • Fully-accredited outpatient facilities
  • Our own outpatient catheterization lab, which offers the highest quality of patient care at a lower cost
  • A multispecialty approach to wound care management all managed under one roof
  • A commitment to advancing medicine through research
  • A team of physicians who are dedicated and passionate about preventing amputation
  • A one-stop-shop with a team of board-certified cardiologists for follow-up care specific to each patient’s needs.

There are many perceptions that amputation is inevitable if a patient has:

  • bad kidneys
  • diabetes
  • a non-healing wound will inevitably face amputation

We fight these stereotypes every day by offering hope to patients with these conditions.

State-of-the-art Treatment from Board-Certified Endovascular Specialists to Prevent Amputation